Visit the dentist!

FREE Dental Services

Provided by NM Smiles GO on the campus of Jemez Valley Public Schools.


·      ALL students of Jemez Valley Public Schools are eligible and encouraged to participate.


·      No income requirements.


·      Dental services provided are FREE.

o   Please provide your student’s Medicaid or dental insurance information on the permission form for billing purposes. 

o   Parent/Guardian will NOT receive a bill and will NOT have a copay.

o   If your student does not have Medicaid or dental insurance please initial the permission form for a free dental exam.


·      Dental Services Permission Form is REQUIRED. 

o   Services cannot be provided without a completed form.

o   Please complete and return the form to the school.


·      Dental services included:

o   Exam

o   Cleaning

o   If needed,

§  X-Rays                

§  Fluoride - NEW fluoride available for major tooth decay that helps prevent further decaying while the individual waits to receive services.

§  Sealants

§  Small fillings WITHOUT anesthetic

§  Referral for other services


Questions, please contact the nurse, (505) 842-0902 ext 308 or (575) 834-7391 ext 308.