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"How does Leaps Help Teachers and Parents Become More Involved in their Student's Education?" https://youtu.be/SrHlZsyNTYo
Activities for Parents



Leaps Family Talk Guides are designed to help parents and other family members talk with children in their care about important social and emotional behaviors.

Each of the topics below comes with a simple, printable guide with step-by-step instructions for discussion activities.  You can find the activities here: https://leapsforschools.com/activities-for-parents/ OR you can go to Parent University on the district website to access the activities as well.


Each lesson is designed to facilitate parent and student dialogue and each lesson is formatted in the same manner:


The Target- the lesson goal

Team Up- ideas to try to help your child want to talk about the topic

Talking Tips- to help the parent sit down and start the conversation

Decision Time- choosing to use the new behavior

Give it a Try- this is a chance to practice the target skill together at home


Please take a moment to look at the list below and choose a topic or topics to create some stimulating dinner conversations!


       Calming Down

      Focused Attention

       Making Good Choices

       Handling Anger

       Hurt Feelings

       Meeting New Kids

      Meeting New Adult Strangers

       People Who Look Different

       Personal Space

       Respecting Others


      Standing Up for Yourself with Friends

       Standing Up for Yourself with Bullies

       Solving Problems

       Using Manners

       What Respect Means

       When Someone Says NO

       Working Patiently

       Working Together